About Us

Smart Fusion Marketing Inc. was founded by Jonathan Boettcher in response to his observations that many businesses did not have effective marketing strategies in place. Business owners are often told by their peers that they need to spend a certain percentage of their revenue on marketing and advertising, however, very rarely is that budget spent on marketing that provides measurable results. As a result, the budget gets spent month in and month out, and the business owner never figures out exactly what forms of marketing work best.

Jonathan has been involved in internet marketing since 2004, successfully creating hundreds of thousands of dollars of business for a small handful of clients. Smart Fusion Marketing is a way of ‘fusing’ proven online marketing strategies with offline business needs.

It is important to note that internet marketing is NOT web design. No more than a race car mechanic is an auto manufacturer. One builds cars, the other finely tweaks them into high performance machines.

If marketing can be defined as “a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers” then internet marketing is simply doing that by using the internet. Most business websites stop at the point of giving the visitor a virtual business card of contact information, and to make matters worse, most bricks and mortar business websites get hardly any monthly traffic

In a relatively short amount of time, the internet has become one of the most powerful marketing mediums in the history of business, yet many businesses are still only using their websites as digital business cards, hoping someone will look at them. Smart Fusion Marketing specializes in integrating online marketing strategies into measurable offline results that will make your bottom line very happy.

Smart Fusion’s strategy is not to try to sell a ‘one-size fits all’ solution to each company. Instead, we take the time to understand each business’s unique situation – their target market, past marketing successes and failures, and goals. We believe that business owners want their businesses to work for them, rather than working for their business. If everything in your business stops the moment you walk out the door, you don’t own a business, you own a job.

Our goal is to help business owners achieve their goals.

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