Email Marketing Predictions for 2009

I read short article recently at discussing the email marketing trends of 2008 and offering some predictions for 2009. 

In 2008, one of the main trends was personalization. Marketers are shying away from the one size fits all approach and trying to add some customization to each message. This might be as simple as addressing the recipient by name, or it might include other information that the customer has offered. Sending out birthday emails would be a good example of this. Birthday emails have been proven to work tremendously well, especially in the restaurant industry.

If you can further segment your list, and target each sub-niche more directly, that will yield even better results. For instance, if you analyze your customer list, and discover that you’re serving mostly younger males and say, middle aged females, then it would make a great deal of sense to try to segment those two groups and market to each of them directly. You can then use totally different language and offers that would be more calculated to appeal to a recipient within that group. Add to that some name personalization, and you’ve got a better chance of success than a single mass email. 

The predictions for 2009? Increased use of email automation by small businesses. Email is already said to be one of the top marketing methods for small businesses during the holidays, and it’s value is becoming more apparent. Low cost per action, coupled with customization, coupled with automation makes for a winning combination. 

If you’re not already using email marketing in your business – it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in!!! – then you should seriously consider getting on board. Take the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors before they do the same to you! 

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Wishing you a prosperous 2009!

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