Email Marketing


Of all the possible target markets that are available to any business, the single most profitable market is their proven customer base. Getting a customer to buy once is hard. Getting them to purchase again is much easier.

This is because the customer (hopefully) had a great experience dealing with you the first time, and knows what to expect if they deal with you again. You are now a known entity in their world, and that counts for a lot.

Suprisingly, even though it is easier to make a second sale than to get a new customer, most businesses are not doing any kind of follow up with their customers once they’ve made a purchase. They simply say “thank you” and let them walk out the door, possibly never to be seen again. No contact information is captured, much less effectively utilized.

This is where email and other forms of direct marketing come into the equation. The goal is to capture the customer’s contact information in that initial encounter, and thereby gain the ability to market to them time and again.

Statistically, the majority of purchases happen after the customer’s 6th contact with the merchant. How can you ever get your message to a customer six or seven times if they’re gone after the first time? Each successive contact increases the chances they will do business with you.

There are only three ways for any business to grow:
1. To sell to new customers.
2. To sell more to existing customers.
3. To raise their prices.

In many markets, businesses won’t immediately be able to raise their prices too far beyond where they’re at (although this is topic for a different day). This leaves getting new customers, and selling more to existing customers.

Direct marketing plays a vital role in both of these tasks, both helping develop a lead into a paying customer, and also getting that customer to come back for more and more.

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