Is Email A Recession Buster?

I recently read a newsletter from the Inbox Marketer asking if Email was a recession buster.

They mentioned survey data from Marketing Sherpa, who had surveyed over 1700 marketers. They found out that right now, marketers are tending to gravitate towards the most proven forms of marketing, those with the highest ROI (Return on Investment). That makes sense in a recessionary economy; people always want the most bang for their marketing buck, but during a recession they are far more risk averse.

The marketing method that 1700 marketers are favoring during this recession? Email.

Businesses that have their own in-house email lists report tremendous ROIs. I’ve seen statistics showing 5100% ROI ($51 return for every $1) on email marketing to house lists. That makes email a safe and secure way to continue marketing.

One of the biggest benefits of marketing to a house list is the fact that you don’t need to spend any money to find a new customer, typically one of the mostly costly marketing activities. In house lists contain current customers, people who have already bought from you and trust you. That means you’re preaching to the choir every time you send out an email, they already know you and trust you. That makes them FAR more likely to respond to your marketing messages.

The other trend that the survey identified was that email is the preferred method of lead generation and nurturing.

The benefit of email as a lead generation tactic is that you can build it like a machine, wind it up and let it loose. A good lead generation campaign can run pretty much on autopilot, capturing customers into the funnel, giving them something of value in exchange for their contact information, then following up with them with quality, valuable information and marketing messages. Over time, they’re exposed to an automated marketing sequence which draws them closer and closer to the sale. Done right, very little human involvement is necessary. That makes it very cost effective.

So email is effective for generating leads, nurturing them into sales, and then post-sale, following up on a regular (and automated!) basis to generate more sales. It’s no wonder why email marketing is the preferred method during a recession!

If you haven’t yet setup an email marketing campaign for your business, it would be worth your while to have a quick read of the free email marketing report we’ve prepared which explains how to do that.

Why not use email marketing to bust this recession, at least for your own business?

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